Belgian College League

The premier competition for gaming students in Belgium. 

For the 3rd year running, colleges and universities will compete against eachother in League of Legends and FIFA.

The season will start in February with a round robin into playoff-stage. The finals will be played around May at an offline event where the students will face on the big stage in front of a crowd! 

Each matchweek we’ll host the BCL-show on to discuss the happenings in the league. This your chance to showcase your skills in a professional environment!

The schools have time until December 1st 12.00u to sign up their squads. Do you want to represent your school in the Belgian College League? Contact your school, your school’s esports community or us to get in touch with the right people.

But wait, does the BCL only cover these 2 games? Nope! In the BCL Tournament Series we will be hosting tournaments in a wide variety of competitive games from Valorant to Brawl Stars to …

Here’s how it went down in the season 1 finals, hosted by Studio Brussel:

Marketplace - Get rewarded for each win!

For every point you will be rewarded coins to spend in the Belgian College League marketplace. Here you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of goods from our partners and more! 

Prizepool League of Legends

1. UEM 2021 qualification


2. 500 hardware + Marketplace coins

3. €300 hardware + Marketplace coins

Prizepool FIFA 21

1. Esports-related international trip

2. 100 hardware + Marketplace coins

3. €50 + Marketplace coins


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5kdgKarel de Grote51410
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