Belgian College League

Win a gaming room for your school

The Belgian College League is in its third year and the past two years we have made the students of UGent and Ephec happy with their very own gaming room, completely equipped with top of the line desktops and a number of comfy gaming chairs. Both colleges won those gaming rooms completely based on their performances in the different games of the Belgian College League. This year we will do things slightly different.

The performances of the students in the games will still be taken into account, but will just be a part of the overall decision. 

If a school or students at that school are very active in promoting and engaging esports, they will be rewarded for that. Are there student organisations that organise their own tournaments? Do students take part in the tournament series? Is your school actively involved in promoting esports? Does your school have an active gaming coordinator? 

All these things will be important if you want your school to win its very own gaming room. This way we can reward school that don’t necessarily have the best gamers in their ranks, but that do work hard to put esports on the map. 

The results in the games will of course grant a certain score for the ranking, while the performances of the community and the school as a whole will be looked at case by case. 

We hope this new system will push schools, student organisations, students and esports ambassadors to help further create a strong base for the growing esports industry. 

To conclude we want to wish all schools the best of luck, and may the best college or university win! 

Here’s how it went down in the season 1 finals, hosted by Studio Brussel:

Marketplace - Get rewarded for each win!

For every win you will be rewarded 200 College Coins to spend in the Belgian College League marketplace. Here you’ll be able to choose from a selection of goods from our partners and more! 

Prizepool League of Legends

1. €700 hardware + UEM 2021 Last Chance Qualifier*

2. 500 hardware

3. €300 hardware

*If the winner already qualified through the UE League, the LCQ-spot will go to the BCL runner-up!

Prizepool FIFA 21

1. €200 hardware 

2. 100 hardware

3. €50  hardware